Valentine’s Hair and Make-Up

We’ve come over all romantic and have been getting in the mood for some love this Valentine’s Day! We’ve got the secret to making sure your loved one romances you to the High Heavens. And guess what? We’re willing to tell you what it is!

Elizabeth Peat has a whole host of lovely treats to make sure you look ever-so-darling on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re wanting a photo finish look for when he pops the question, loose curls for a romantic dinner for two or a beautiful beehive for a single girls night out, we can do it all.

Make sure your nails look perfect with fashionable half moons, polished and pink shaped nails or a classic French style. Oh la la!

And make-up? We’ve got it sorted! Using gorgeous products we’ll make you over with any vintage look you desire. Whether you want pouty red lips or a softer vintage make-up look, we’ll be on hand to transform you into the vintage belle that is dying to be released!

Have a look at the image and see how we’re taking inspiration from Hollywood. We can produce Angelina’s Golden Globes up-do, Kim Kardashian’s bronzed babe look or go foxy like Megan Fox with curls and a classic vintage lip.

Don’t be afraid to get in touch by Facebook or give us a call on 07846502749 and we’ll be able to fit you in!


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