Burlesque Themed Hen Parties or Parivate Parties

French Burlesque Dancing


Learn the seductive art of French Burlesque dancing. Beginners and Intermediate classes are available in Nottingham and Derby.

We even provide Burlesque themed Hen Parties or Private Parties which include a full vintage Burlesque makeover from our pop-up beauty parlour beforehand to add to the mood.

To book any of our classes or courses please contact myself Elizabeth Peat .                                         



Modern Burlesque

Recent years has seen a revival in Burlesque. Many people have been credited with this including Billy Madley’s Cinema, The Velvet Hammer Troupe in Los Angeles, Ami Goodheart in New York and The Shim-Shamettes in New Orleans. Burlesque is no longer seen as one-dimensional as many individual performers include Burlesque in their act.

Today, modern Burlesque has emerged into many forms, but still manages to honour previous incarnations such as bawdy humour, strip tease, cabaret and expensive costumes.

Annual Burlesque conventions like Miss Exotic World Pageant and the Vancouver Burlesque Festival are held throughout the world for the best burlesque performers.


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