Creswell Crags Vintage and Handmade Craft Fair

In the 19th of May, in Nottinghamshire, the Creswell Crags Museum provided a beautiful Vintage and Handmade Craft Fair.

Elizabeth was invited to join the event providing beautiful hairstyles and make up all day. Everybody was welcomed to go dressed Vintage and enjoy the Sunday with their family and friends whilst experimenting a Vintage picnic on the outside area or on the vintage tearoom in the cafe. There was also 1940s music, performed by Marina Mae, vintage cars and goods to buy so everyone could feel in the 50s.

The event was magnificent and we would like to thank the Creswell Crags Museum for providing such an experience and also to all the staff that made me feel so welcomed.

For any informations on Vintage Tea Parties, Hair and Make Up Workshops, Vintage Fascinator Workshops, Full Vintage Make Overs, Wedding Makeup and Photo shoots, please contact Elizabeth on 07846 502749.

photo (6) photo (7) photo (8) photo (9) photo (22) photo (20)



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