Vintage Hen Party

A Hen Party is a very important date and it’s known for being the transition between the single life and the married life of a woman.

Vintage Hen Parties have been very popular because it’s a day where you’re surrounded by glamour, elegance and charm and is also a great opportunity to do things you enjoy with your best friends.

If you like Vintage make up and hair, why not a have a Vintage Hen Party?

We can provide everything you need including Hair and Make up Tutorials, Manicures, Fascinator Design and full Vintage Makeovers. You can either learn how to recreate the 20s style and come away with all the skills you need to create the perfect vintage look or have all day to treat yourself and your mates with a full vintage makeover or maybe both! Why not? You can mix everything as you like to make it as special as you want.

For more information or book any events please contact Elizabeth on 07846 502749.

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